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I am trained in CPR (adult) as my last job required it, but not infant CPR.  I want to take a course but several people said doing that will jinx things.  What are your guys opinion? How many of you are trained in infant CPR? TIA.
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Re: CPR?

  • I am trained in CPR, both adult and infant; I had to get certified for a previous job.  I gave DH some lessons and we looked up information as a refresher for me.  I've honestly never heard of the jinx thing; I just think the more information the better!
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  • I think it's always best to be prepared.  I don't think you'll jinx yourself.  I'm certified in adult and infant CPR for my job.  Infant CPR was part of our Lamaze course so DH learned there.  
  • My husband and I along with my father in law took a infant/child cpr class. It was great and we are all so happy we took it. My MIL is already trained in it. My inlaws are watching the baby when I go back to work so we thought it was impt they know too.
  • I'm trained in CHILD and adult but not infant. I watched an extensive 4 segment video on Youtube when I had LO and I feel pretty confident with the information and visuals in the video.

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  • I don't think it would jinx anything. I'd say it'd be something good to know, I wish I did...I've just been told a few things and of course looked online. I hope and pray I never have to use the knowledge but prayerfully some instinct would kick in if need be. I say go for it take the class, it won't hurt anything!
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  • Definitely take the course. Do you want go regret it if something happens and you didn't take the course because you were afraid of jinxing things? I am a nurse, so I have been trained for years, but I used to take the course even before nursing school. I had an experience where a baby I was watching choked on a piece of zwieback teething cookie. He turned purple and could not cough it out. I had to use what I learned in the course, and it worked. I don't know what would have happened if I wasn't prepared. Still one of the scariest moments of my life. You wil not regret getting certified. I think that every parent should be.
  • Thanks I am reassured to take the course now. 
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  • The comment about jinxing things is just ridiculous.

    I'm trained in both infant and child CPR. DH and I took a class through our hospital when I was pregnant with DD2. I'm a SAHM to 2u2; if something bad were to happen to either of my kids, chances are it would be while they were with me. We also live in a rural area so it's important for me to know what to do until emergency responders could get to us.

    I personally believe that every parent should be trained in CPR.
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  • I had to be trained for a previous employer, but I was trained before anyway. I like knowing what to do incase somthing does happen. It's better than freaking out in the situation.

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