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back or tummy?

Even though research shows that it is safer for your LO on their backs which do you do? If your LO sleeps better on their stomachs do you leave them in that position? I am a firm believer or thought I was of having LO on her back.  Lately she hasn't been sleeping well because of gas issues which keep her up and fussy.  I was so tired from her not sleeping well the other night.  My boyfriend told me to go into the other room to rest.  When I woke up I found her sleeping on her stomach.  I yelled at him for doing that, but he said she wouldn't shut up and once in that position she was quiet.  He told me too that he did this with his other children and they are fine. I was nervous but she looked peaceful.  He did it again today and at first I kept moving her to see if she was okay. When I saw that she was then I relaxed.  Am I correct in worrying about her on her tummy? I told my boyfriend once she is moved to her crib she will only be on her back.  Any advice or opinions are welcomed. TIA

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Re: back or tummy?

  • Tummy-sleeping is a risk factor for SIDS (along with a long list of other things - smoking, etc).  That being said, I DO let DS sleep on his stomach.  We have the Angelcare monitor that alerts us if there is no movement for 15 seconds (if he stopped breathing), and that give us a little extra piece of mind.  It is a personal choice that should be made carefully - consider your other risk factors and your comfort level.  It won't matter if baby sleeps better if it makes you so nervous that YOU can't sleep! 
  • I have put my girl on her tummy a few times ,, especialy when she needs to take a nap but wont stop crying and I have stuff to get done.. She likes it... I think that allot of things are exagerated.. for example all those shots  are realy not good for babies and allot of peoples babies die of "Sids" within a week of getting shots they cause respritory dificulties. I would let her sleep on her tummy of its the only way she will get good sleep...Mine almost always sleeps good on her back so thats how I put her,,,But if I was you I wouldnt worry about her on her tummy  :)
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  • Thanks ladies.  There really isn't any other risk factors.  Nobody smokes in the house or anything else that would be a problem.  I just hate that what soothes her best isn't the best for her.  Then again she seems fine and rested after a few hours on her tummy.  At least if she doesn't sleep in that position she lays there quietly.  
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  • DD slept on her tummy and now DS does too. We also have the angel care monitor.

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  • We let DD sleep on her tummy.  She has no other risk factors against her.  She has great head control and we are confident in our decision as she would only sleep 30 min on her back but hours on her tummy.  She desperately needed sleep she wasn't getting.  I would never tell someone to do it as it is a personal choice. 
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  • image MrsI:
    We let DD sleep on her tummy.  She has no other risk factors against her.  She has great head control and we are confident in our decision as she would only sleep 30 min on her back but hours on her tummy.  She desperately needed sleep she wasn't getting.  I would never tell someone to do it as it is a personal choice. 

    This exactly! I think it has actually helped her with her head and neck control.  

    DD would only sleep on her back for 30-40 minutes after 2 weeks.  We weren't able to get the Angelcare monitor for a few weeks so she slept in our room in the PNP.  I was put at ease a little more with her right next to me until we could get the monitor.  Most important decisions are difficult to make since everyone has their own opinions on the matter but do what you feel is right and best for you and your child. 


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  • Our LO prefers her side, but if she prefered her tummy, I wouldn't hesitate to place her on it.  If you are comfortable with it and there are no other risk factors, I see nothing wrong with it.
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  • Totally agree with PP...we also gave into DS sleeping on his stomach. My niece died of SIDS a month before I delivered so I do know the risks and the fears very well. But that being said he does sleep better on his stomach (and to my knowledge my niece didnt), and we also have the angelcare monitor and it does give some peace. Not to say you won't worry any or you won't wake up or have to touch them to check their breathing but it does let you rest. Again as with PP you do what you feel most comfortable doing. SIDS is a very horrible thing and a very sensitive subject, do the research, you'll see it has a lot of factors, and back sleeping has brought the SIDS numbers down alot. Good luck and God Bless.
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  • Our son doesn't necessarily sleep better on his tummy than his back, but he FALLS asleep a million times easier that way. It can sometimes take an hour of rocking/patting him to get him to sleep, but if we lay him down on his tummy he passes right out. We'll let him sleep like this on his playmat for naps when we are able to watch him, but I would never be able to put him to bed like that. I know that tons of babies sleep on their tummies and are just fine, but I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something did happen because I put him on his tummy just because it was easier for me.
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  • Our baby has a lot of gas and I let him sleep on his back in a baby recliner. It really helps him push the gas out. Our pedi says that as long as the baby is secure (no chance of bouncing out of the seat and use the safety belt) it would be fine.

    We just moved him back to his crib but I have a few receiving blankets folded up under one end so he still has a slight recline to help him feel comfy. 

    Also I started giving him mylicon drops before each night time feed and that really helps. I forgot to give it once and he was fussing and grunting after that. Mylicon is the brand name, it's active ingredient is simethicone also sold as infant gas drops. Also the paci helps him sleep better and if the baby keeps it in his mouth by himself it helps to reduce the risk of SIDS.

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