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unswaddled-sleeping so much better

Ever since I stopped swaddling (just when LO found his thumbs) he puts himself to sleep 4 times out of 5. If I wait too long and he is overtired then he needs help, a little rocking shushing, patting but for almost every nap or bedtime for the past 5 days, I just put him in his crib, laying on his side, he sucks his thumb and falls asleep. He almost always turns onto his back himself but I watch from the video monitor and if he doesn't before I'm ready to go to bed, I just slowly roll him backwards and he doesn't wake up.

Everytime I would take the swaddle off he was super sweaty and hot. His face would be chilly and his legs would seem ok but his midsection and back were roasting. I tried several swaddle materials, pj combinations and room temps. He is such a hot box I think the swaddle was just too much fabric for him that he kept waking up fussing from being too hot.

He used to lose his paci 10 times before he'd fall asleep for good and I would have to go upstairs 10 times over about 30 minutes and keep putting it back in. I'm so ok with him self soothing with his thumb. He will not be sucking his thumb at ten years old, I can assure that won't happen! But we'll cross that bridge if we need to.

I know all babies are different and LO certainly needed swaddling in the beginning because of crazy arms. Thoguht this might help some other mommas. Maybe give it a try?


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Re: unswaddled-sleeping so much better

  • Glad you found something that worked.

    My LO hated the swaddle from Day 1. I think it's just because she's a warm baby too. The nurses had her wrapped so tight and the hospital was so hot. It was also a 100 degrees when we got I never though about putting her back in it.

    She sleeps fine without and part of the reason is because she can find her thumb that way so I don't have to play the paci game.

    I'm the opposite of most people I think taking a paci away is a giant PITA, but when the kid is still thumbsucking in kdg. someone will comment and then it'll be over. :)

  • My LO was fine being swaddled in the hospital, but once home she hated it.  She loves to kick her feet and cannot do that swaddled.  We just dress her according the what seems weather appropriate and what works for the temp in the room.  Glad to hear that you LO sleeps better without being wrapped up.
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  • My LO liked to be half-swaddled (body and legs, no arms), but we just recently stopped, too.  He is loving his hand and thumb and it does wonders for self-soothing at bedtime.  I think that bedtime soothing and having a thumb in the mouth all day every day are two very different things!  Most kiddos don't use the paci or the thumb to that extreme... so I'm not worried about not being able to take it away later... he'll figure it out :)
  • That's good! Gabe is addicted to swaddling and can't put the crack pipe down. I hope he transitions easier than I am expecting.
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