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Milestones for baby book...

I am planing to make my own baby book/scrapbook instead of using a template one. Does anyone have a good list of milestones that I should include (I.e. first smile, rolling over, etc...)? Aso, I haven't quite figured out how I am going to organize everything. What sections are your books broke down into?

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Re: Milestones for baby book...

  • I was looking to do the exact same think I also wanted to know what goes in one of those books.  Glad you asked this question.
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  • DH just showed me a list of milestones he has been saving in his phone! I thought it was so sweet. I plan on doing the same thing since I sold Creative Memories eons ago and have tons of stuff leftover. DH's list: first bath, pooped in tub (rofl), trip to Target, bloody lip (DS's nail needed trimming, scratched it), party, outdoor lunch, brunch, hockey home opener with friends. We're a little off the wall about milestones LOL.
  • I'm using a pre-made baby book and it has some typical things like first bath, smile, laugh, rolling over, full night of sleep, hair cut, tooth, words, crawling, and walking.  It also has some fun ones like baby's first trip, mother's day, father's day, swimming, holidays, and seasons.

    This baby book is broken down into three sections - baby's arrival, first year (one page for each month), and then firsts.  However, I'm also making a photobook on Shutterfly on my own and that I'm just going chronologically by month and all firsts are included in that month's section.

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  • I am using a pre-made one, but it has  lots of blank pages in each section.  i actually spent about an hour one day at Barnes and Noble looking through other pre-made ones and made a list of things I wanted to include.  I never found any book that had everything I wanted.
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