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MSPI: starting solids

My 5 1/2 month old either has MSPI or a true milk/soy protein allergy....he's never been tested, but he was diagnosed by his symptoms. He's been on Alimentum and doing great since 8 weeks, but we're approaching the 6 month mark, so we're soon going to be introducing solids. I read a few things online about introducing solids in a different order (veggies, then fruit, then meat, then cereal), rather than starting with cereal. Have any of you done this? I'm just looking for some recommendations.

Also, our pedi said we could try milk-based formula to see if he reacts (since we haven't tried it since 8 weeks) but I'm not sure I'm ready to try...I'm so afraid he's going to react. Any success stories around the 6 month mark, or do people generally wait until 12 months?


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Re: MSPI: starting solids

  • I'm in the same situation as you and our doctor sent us to a nutritionist to discuss solids.  She said to start cereal first because of the iron but if LO will take meat first that we could just skip the cereal.  The research is always changing but she also said fruits and veggies can be introduced at the same time as everything else.  We should wait 2-3 days between introducing foods though to watch for an allergy.

    For cereals she suggested Earth's Best or Happy Times and to start with rice.  These are the only two brands that are dairy and soy free (in Canada at least).

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  • i think ppl usually wait until 12 months to introduce dairy/soy.  I think it also depends on how she reacted originally.. what made you / doctor determine it's MSPI / allergy?  Did she have skin issues or blood in stool or something else? 

    Have you seen an allergist  yet? some allergists will test your child at 6 months.  Or i would at least have an allergist on my mind and go see him around 12 months..  (before you start introducing dairy and other toddler foods)

    I have heard of people introduce cereal after fruits and veggies but not for allergy reasons.. i don't think it matters (i may be wrong and missing a huge reason though, so I'm curious to see what others write)

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