Babies: 9 - 12 Months

Question for mother's with formula fed babies

Just curious when you made the switch from formula to milk and how you went about doing it.

Re: Question for mother's with formula fed babies

  • We supplemented with a bit of formula in the beginning because I couldn't keep up with his needs the first month or so. Then, when I did catch up, we continued to give formula once at night (so I could have a chance to pump once a day, so DH could take part in the feeding process and so that he would be used to formula when we had to make the switch.

    At around 3-4 months, one side dried up, so I was feeding him every two hours day and night from just one side! Around 4.5 months I decided to start adding another bottle once a day. Each week I added another bottle. Then at 5.5 months, I got sick and dried up for a few days. We had to give only bottles. After that it was a challenge to get DS to nurse at all. By 6 months he was totally on formula.

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  • We just started so that she's be switched fully by one. Every other day we cut one oz of formula and replace it with milk in her bottle. She hasnt noticed.

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  • I haven't switched DS yet but with DD I just put milk in her bottle and that was it. I was out of formula and she was 1. No "transitioning." I plan on switching DS at 1.

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  • I'm playing by the books, and I will switch at 12 months. If she will take it cold turkey, great, if not we will ease into it.
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