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implantation cramps??

ive been having cramps and some pressure. sometimes is so painful i cant even stand up. i also feel "tugging" or "pulling" also. im not due to start my period until this weekend. i dont want to take a pg test. ive never felt these before with my period. this is also not MUD!!
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Re: implantation cramps??

  • Why don't you want to take a test? Test and then you'll know

    FWIW, I had strange cramping and pulling a couple cycles ago, and I was definitely not pregnant.

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  • I had period-like cramps in my very early pregnancy right before I tested.  However, I definitely wouldn't have described it as 'tugging' or 'pulling'.. It was more like a dull pain- exactly like period cramps.

    Get a First Response test and then you'll know for sure.  Why don't you want to test?  What's the point in wondering if you don't have to?   Or you could just wait and see if you start your period.. if you're at all late, I would definitely test then.

    Good luck 


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  • I also had period-like cramps for the first week or so around my expected period, and then when I didn't see any blood, I started to get worried. That's when I googled it and found that cramping can be a sign of pregnancy. I went out and bought two tests, and both were positive. I'd say wait a few days until your expected day of your period comes and goes, and then if no bleeding has occurred, definitely go get a test. 
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  • i didnt want to test too soon. my DH is going to buy me a test later this afternoon so that i can take it when i get up for work in the morning. we have been reading and re reading our book that we bought called "what to expect before your expecting." i def recommend that book to for first time TTC couples. thanks for the advice ladies!!
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  • i guess they were just weird AF cramps because she came this morning :( I told DH and he was heart broken which made me cry. he said "now another month!! we will have sex everyday once AF is over." my DH is amazing!! :)

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