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baby cold

so Lo was up almost all night last night. She would sleep for an hour or so then get up crying. about 3 in the morning I put her in bed with us. I think lo has a cold. Her nose is running, coughing, sneezing and having trouble breathing. WE had humidifier running, but she could not get comfortable enough to sleep. I am going ot get her some saline spray and vapor rub ( for her feet) any other suggestions to make her feel better?

Re: baby cold

  • We just went through the same thing from Friday til Tuesday and finally on Wednesday after G coughed a few times I called her pedi to get her checked out.  She ended up having an upper respiratory infection w/ one ear infected.  They put her on amoxicillin and with 4 doses in, I can already see a significant improvement.  The dr said thankfully it hadn't gotten into her lungs yet, so as far as advice I would play it on the safe side and say get an appt with your pedi asap.  Good Luck!
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  • We're going through this right now too.  LO has a stuffy nose, and occasional cough.  We've talked to the pedi and have followed all her recommendations. 

    Humidifier, angled mattress in her crib, warm, steamy baths and saline solution.  She's getting better each day.  The saline drops really, really work wonders!  It's just hard b/c you feel so helpless. 

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