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Had my weekly doctors appointment today and not dilated but 50% effaced. Frustrated. I've been walking all week trying to speed this up! Only plus is Saturday is my last day of work until Januray 16th!



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Re: Frustrated

  • I had my appointment yesterday and I'm 70% effaced and not dialated at all either. I really thought I would be. :( 
  • Im with ya, im frusterated also....need to think positive and keep mind of of babys arrival....i really thot mine would be here by now and even tho i am dialed and almost completly effaced for the last 2 weeks...i got nothing also, so its just as frustrating with progress cause its not progressing faster....lol   But i feel your frustration it gets to me sometimes....then i take a deep breath and enjoy another night with the family and 1 more long day at work!!
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  • I can understand your frustration.  I had no progress from last week!  I feel like I've been trying to walk and keep active more, and DH and I even DTD... but NOPE!!  I hope I am just one of those people that goes from 2cm dilated to going into labor lol!
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