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Packing a dress in my hospital bag?

I'm just wondering if you ladies think this is a good or bad idea. I don't have a lot of money to go out and buy a bunch of nursing tanks/bras (I bought 1 bra and 1 tank from Target.. I can't really buy any more..) so I am trying to pack clothes that have "easy access" for BFing .. and most of my tshirts have a higher neckline.. my sundresses have a lower cut... so it would be easier to wear the dress..

I know I'm probably over-thinking all of this.. but all of the posts I've read about packing a hospital bag includes bringing black yoga pants (which I do plan on bringing as well .. I just want a back-up outfit) ..

So any thoughts about a sundress in my hospital bag?  TIA :-)

(FWIW, I live in Florida so I'm not too concerned if it will be chilly outside or not.. that, along with the awesome hot flashes I will probably still be having, will make me feel like it's still summer out haha)

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Re: Packing a dress in my hospital bag?

  • You should pack whatever you will feel comfortable in, there is no right or wrong thing to wear (although, packing something easy to BF in is probably a good idea ;) ). If it were warmer up here (I live in the North East) I would consider packing sun dresses as well.
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  • My midwives actually recommend packing a dress vs. pants. They say it will be more comfortable.
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  • I packed a dress! I think it will be more comfortable. 
  • I packed a dress as well.
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  • Just make sure you can get your boob all the way out.  If you can't, a dress would be a bigger pain than having to pull up a t-shirt.  Smile  And also make sure your bra looks OK with your dress in case your milk comes in.  You're going to want to wear a bra when that happens...


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  • I'm actually packing a long skirt as my 'going home' outfit b/c it's loose-fitting and stretchy.  The nurses say to plan on clothes you wore at 6months pregnant for when you go home, and this skirt was comfy and soft with a small baby bump and grew with me as I got bigger.  It seems like a safer bet than any of my pants that I've grown in and out of over the last few months.
  • I just wore nightgowns mostly but I was back in prepreg clothes and didn't have a comfy dress to wear that wouldn't have been huge. A dress/nightgown makes them checking your bleeding SO much easier and for me was way more comfortable.
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  • I wore a dress on the day I got discharged (didnt leave until the afternoon). Personally I was more comfortable in my pajama pants as I didn't have to worry about flashing anyone my pad and mesh undies but I felt more normal in the dress.
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  • image ludicrous:
    Personally I was more comfortable in my pajama pants as I didn't have to worry about flashing anyone my pad and mesh undies...

    This!  I was in the hospital gown the first day and did the yoga pants and tank top on the second day.  If you have people visiting you and you don't want to run the risk of flashing...stick with the yoga pants. 

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  • Thank you ladies this is all great advice!  .. And to the pp who mentioned about making sure my boob can come all the way out of the dress/make sure my bra looks ok with it.. LOL, such a good point I would never have even thought to make sure of that!

    I will definitely be packing one of my sundresses now that I feel it has been done before and nothing catastrophic has occurred haha.. here's to hoping that any and all "flashing" will be kept to a minimum :-p

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  • I wore a sundress with easy acess on my 2nd day in the hospital. It worked fine.
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