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Tired of being asked "Is Your Baby Here Yet" ?

Is everyone constantly asking you "Is your baby here yet" ? ... ALL THE TIME ?

My wife and I are personally going through the exact same situation at the moment, so (being a webdesigner) I created a solution for the problem. From now on I just send my friends to this website:http://www.isyourbabyhereyet.com/max 

If you like the idea and are in the same situation, you can download the iPhone app I made for this. The app will create a link like the above for you as well. Simply search for "IsYourBaby" in the itunes store or click on the "download" link at http://www.isyourbabyhereyet.com ...

Re: Tired of being asked "Is Your Baby Here Yet" ?

  • HAHAHAH THIS IS FUNNY!!!! yes im so sick of it!! im not even due until oct. 28th and ppl ask me this daily. then they say "oh' she is going to be huge-probably 8 lbs"
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  • I'm sick of that and I'm sick of hearing "WOW YOU LOOK LIKE YOU ARE ABOUT TO BUST" or "Wow are you going to explode soon or what?" and most of all I HATE when strangers think it's OK to touch my stomach. Um, excuse me if I weren't pregnant I dont think you'd be reaching out to touch my tummy!! UGHH So ready to have this baby!!! 
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