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Boobs stopped hurting..really scared


So on Monday my boobs hurt so bad I could hardly sleep and they felt really full. Yesterday and today they hardly hurt at all and they don't feel as full, but the hubby says they still look big. I haven't had any bleeding or cramping, but I am still freaking out. Has this happened to anyone else? I am only 5 weeks and my appointment is not until next week.

Re: Boobs stopped hurting..really scared

  • Before my BFP my boobs were tender which is odd since they never are for PMS, this last a few days past my BFP and went away.  They finally started hurting again this week.

    Symptoms come and go, as long as there isn't any bleeding or cramping, try not to get too worried. (easier said than done)

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  • That has happened to me as well. Hang in there I know it's scary. Like PP said some symptoms come and go.

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  • I know what you mean! Breast tenderness is the only symptom I really have, and lately is seems to have almost gone away! I'm trying not to freak out though it is hard not to analyze
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  • I just hope this is normal..and not a sign that I am going to miscarry again..not sure I can handle it if it happens again..trying to stay happy and focus on the fact that right now I feel pretty good..just wishing I felt very symptomy..that would ease my mind a bit.
  • It's so hard not to worry, but keep in mind that it's totally normal for symptoms to come and go this early. 


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  • Symptoms come and go and every pg is different. I had symptoms come and go, it's nerve wracking for sure. I hope the times passes quickly to your next appt.
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  • No worries!  Symptoms come and go quickly, especially at the beginning in my experience.  I still have off and on sore boobs these days.  It's normal to feel anxious about every little thing, but I would try not to spend time worrying about this one since you have no bleeding or cramping otherwise.  Hugs!
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  • My boob pain comes and goes as well.  And my baby is in there kicking me as we speak.  No bleeding or cramping is good!
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  • It happened to me really early on too and I freaked out. But, it came back in full force.
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