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Lactating at 6 months, blocked ducts?

I started lactating or leaking at 5 months, and now it is becoming more often.  I think it is colostrum only, it dries up and becomes hard.  I was wondering if I should be worried about the milk ducts becoming blocked, and what can I do to prevent it if I am not yet nursing?

Re: Lactating at 6 months, blocked ducts?

  • Its normal to leak during pregnancy. 
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  • I did read it was normal to leak as early as 4 months.  I am not concerned about the leaking.  However I have been wondering if my ducts can become blocked with the leaking or does that only happen once the baby is born? or once I start producing milk?  Should I be worried about my ducts leaking and be doing something to prevent it?  Or is it something that just won't happen, and I should put my mind at ease.
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    Its normal to leak during pregnancy. 

    This! I've been having the same thing for about 2 months.


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  • I believe it is normal to leak through out pregnancy. I don't know if blocked ducts and things like that are likely to happen or not, but I have heard people recommend not wearing an underwire to allow everything to breath and not be compressing any ducts or things like that.
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