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I'm 18 weeks pregnant and had my formal ultrasound done today and my doctor informed me that I have Placenta Previa. She told me not to freak out (of course I did) She said in most cases the placenta will move where its suppose to be but if it doesnt then Im at risk for pre mature labor and contractions and will end up having to have a c section. She's going to check the placenta at 28 weeks to see if it has moved. Thankfully baby is healthy and normal :) Has anyone else had to deal with this during pregnancy?

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  • I was told the same thing at 18 weeks too, I also have a checkup in a month. Most likley it will go up, so I am not going to worry about it until after my next ultra sound. Also, my doctor told me not exercise of intercourse and to basically take it easy. Good Luck.
  • Thank you! and my doctor told me the same thing. no sex and no exercise. Good luck to you as well!
  • With DS1 i too had a "low lying placenta" at 20 weeks and had pelvic rest. By week 28 it moved up and I was fine. I think its pretty common to be low early on in pregnancy. GL to you.
  • I was told by the doctor that I had the same thing when I did my big ultrasound at 19 weeks.   I wasn't told that I couldn't do anything, just told me to come in if I was bleeding.  He said I would be rechecked down the road. I was re-checked at 23 weeks and the placenta has moved and I am fine :)

    I know it's hard not to worry but in most cases of PP, it moves on its own.  It's just a matter of time.


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  • I was told the same things at my 12 week and 18 week ultrasounds. I had a follow up u/s 2 days ago at 22 weeks and have been cleared of it completely. I've heard that 90% of placenta previa cases clear up before delivery. There's still plenty of time for you!
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  • My SIL had this and had a normal vaginal delivery. It corrected on its own. Most do. Try not to worry.

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  • Yup, I had complete placenta previa at my 18 week ultrasound.  I go back for another ultrasound at 28 weeks to determine placental position.  My OBGYN told me that she is not worried about it, and I shouldn't be either.  Most placentas migrate as the uterus expands later in pregnancy.  She is hopeful that it will move as they almost always do (her exact words).  Luckily, I have had absolutely no complications at all from it.  I also was not put on any restrictions, but I haven't had sex with DH since finding out because it scared me a little.  Also, I have toned down the exercise, too.  But, that's not because of the previa, it's because my DD has a broken leg and I don't feel comfortable taking her to the gym daycare.
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  • Thank you all for your responses! You've made me feel alot better about the situation :)
  • They told me at my 12 week u/s that my cervix was completely covered by my placenta.  I'm really not worried about it yet.  My doctor said it "almost always" corrects itself.  I have my 20 week u/s in a couple weeks and he said if it hasn't moved by then I will have subsequent u/s's to keep an eye on it. 

    I have a good friend that had complete previa and was ready to schedule her c-section when it moved at the last minute (33 weeks I think) and she had a normal vaginal birth. 

    GL!  And try not to stress!

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  • I just had my first u/s on Tuesday and was told that I also have marginal placenta previa.  My doc seemed confident that the placenta would move up on its own over time, but it is still a little worry some.  I go back in 8 weeks for a recheck u/s.  Hopefully everything moves on its own for us!
  • I am 30 weeks and just had my second ultrasound to determine previa. When I went in at 21 weeks I had low lying placenta, then last Friday I went in and have marginal previa (the placenta is partially in the way of the cervix). I re-scan in another 4 weeks. My OB doesn't think it's going to move since it didn't move in 9 weeks. 

    Try not to freak out about it if you can avoid it. My pregnancy has been totally normal and worry free aside from this so you can have previa and not have bleeding and adverse symptoms. I was never put on pelvic rest or anything either. If you still have it at 30ish weeks then you will be scheduled for another scan and then if still, then a c-section. The liklihood is that it will move. The placenta actually implants into the wall of the uterus so it is where it is it's just that as things expand it usually moves up - the stats are that only about 5% of pregnancies end up with previa so the numbers are on your side. Hope that helps. : )

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