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Where can I have a cheap baby shower in Atlanta, GA?

I'm throwing my friend a baby shower in Atlanta, GA.. the only problem is that I can't find a venue or a place to have it! :/ I have everything picked out but the place. I've been looking online and so far the cheapest I found was $300, which was ridiculously out of my price range for a place. Please help me!
I would do it at my house or her house! BUT... She lives in NC since her husband was stationed there.. and all her friends and family live in Atlanta. So, she is coming to ATL for the weekend in November and i'm going to throw her the shower. I live an hour 1/2 from atlanta and i'm just not sure if her family would drive to my house. :/

Re: Where can I have a cheap baby shower in Atlanta, GA?

  • I'm in Atlanta, but you may want to post this on the local board for more info.  How many people are you going to invite, and in which direction are you outside of the city?
  • Do you have a friend in the city whose subdivision has a clubhouse? 

    I'm in Atlanta as well and will be driving about an hour to get to my shower just because my house and my BFF's house where the shower will be held are on two different sides of the city.  I don't mind the drive at all.

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  • I live far from Atlanta but some places I've found to be inexpensive are:

    recreation rooms at churches, firehalls, VFW halls, Senior Centers, community rooms (if you have friends who live in a sub or condo community), and some parks have venues inside and out.  Many of these places rent for cheap and some only charge a fee up-front to cover any damage which you get back if there is no damage or clean-up they have to do.  Some places (VFW, etc) might require a "sponsor" (retired veteran, etc). 

    Good luck.

    BTW...I would have no issue driving 1 1/2 hours to a shower...but then ALL of my relatives live 1 1/2 - 3 hours from us and so I do it all the time.

  • I don't know what part of Atlanta you're in, but I'm in Cobb Cty and I know our local library has a community room - it's free to use (you just have to reserve it) and it has a little kitchen area for prepping food and whatnot.

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