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when my DH and I do conceive....

i work as an STNA (state tested nurses assistant) at a nursing home and i do A LOT of pulling and lifting. my DH and i have been talking about what i should do when we get pg. is there things that i should be doing or not doing to prevent a miscarriage? talk to my doctor about going on light duty, continue my normal routine at work and just be extra careful? my DH is just worried about something happening. i know its REALLY early to be thinking about this, but we are trying to figure everything out.

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Re: when my DH and I do conceive....

  • Ask your dr, and find out if there's a policy at your place of work.

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    Disclaimer: I am not an MD. Please don't PM me with pregnancy-related questions. Ask your doctor.
  • Youre not suppose to lift over 25 lbs, and really shouldnt be doing either of the 2 in the third trimester. Other then that I wouldnt be concerned. See what doc says though

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  • You are not going to be able to do your job while pregnant if it requires you to lift more than 25 pounds, but you may be eligible for short term disability because of that. You should have a preconception checkup anyway, so talk to your doctor then about what you will and will not be able to do while pregnant and make plans accordingly. If you work at a large enough facility, they may be able to cobble together a position that doesn't require lifting. Then again, between lifting, turning and dealing with combative patients, they may not be able to accommodate.
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