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To do IUI or to not do IUI

Ok, I could really use some advice here. I had my appointment today for my ultrasound to see if the Clomid worked. Well, the ultrasound showed that it did. The doctor said that we can do one of three things.

 1- Just let things happen naturally.

2- Do the trigger shot and know that I will ovulate tomorrow.

3- Do the trigger shot and than do IUI tomorrow.

 Well I asked him his opinion and he said to at the least do the trigger shot and to talk to my husband and call back and decide if we want to do the IUI. Well I talked to DH and we were so excited we decided to schedule the IUI for tomorrow. I received the trigger shot and will ovulate tomorrow.

 Here's my questions... This will be my first IUI so I am extremely nervous. I was just wondering if any of you ladies have done IUI. Also, I was just looking for another opinion on if doing the IUI is smart now or if we should try  naturally with the trigger shot or if we are doing a smart thing going with the IUI.

 I think right now I am just so worried about things not working out right. This is my first time actually ovulating so I am still in shock that the 100mg of Clomid actually worked that I am just worried about the IUI not working. DH and I are going to talk about it again tonight and make a final decision but no one I know has infertility issues so any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! 

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Re: To do IUI or to not do IUI

  • I just think you have to do what is best for you.  Whatever feels right for you and your husband is what you should do.  I did 1 IUI and it didn't work out for me but the very next month going natural worked.  2IF is so tricky we all seem to have different recipies for success but I think just going with your gut and what you feel is right will give you the best outcome.
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  • I agree - do whatever you feel best doing. If I were you, I would definitely do an IUI. Why not give yourself the best odds since you are finally ovulating?!
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  • Personally, I would do the IUI.  I know that statistically it's not supposed to be that much greater odds vs TI but I felt like we were already doing Femara, trigger and IUI weren't that much more, and I also felt like we had a little more control over it all.  I also have a severely tilted uterus and a cervix that doesn't always want to function like it should, so I felt that IUI would help with those issues.

    The actual procedure wasn't bad at all.  Because of my uterus tilt they had to use a special catheter and it took 3 different nurses/doctors and like 5 tries but they finally got it.

    Good luck with whatever you decide! 


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  • I agree with the PP's, you should do what feels right, but I also think that it is a great idea to go along with the IUI.  It is very simple and easy and will give you a greater chance for success.  FX :)
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  • image sgrobste:
    I agree with the PP's, you should do what feels right, but I also think that it is a great idea to go along with the IUI.  It is very simple and easy and will give you a greater chance for success.  FX :)

    This exactly.  Lots of luck to you!!!
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  • i agree to do what is best for you... but here are some things i have considered when I was in your position at times... Does your insurance allow a number of IUI attempts?  How about a dollar max?

    If not... I would just go for the IUI.

    I did 1 IUI with ds#1 and we were lucky the first  time.

    We are on iui #3 and no luck,,,

    If you have maxes on your medical policy... i would do trigger with natural relations and see where that takes you..

    good luck

  • Agree with PP but just wanted to offer some good luck!
  • I'm a little late, but lots of luck to you!
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  • If I were you, I'd go for the IUI.  GL!
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