took 10mg provera for 5 days, got AF 7 days later, but im not on my 8th day and she is still here!!! really??? never had one this long, dont know if its normal, doctors office not open till tomorrow, any advice or comments for me in the mean time? 


  i already started taking my clomid on day 5 of my period (taking clomid days 5-9 at 50mg) is this going to ruin my clomid this cycle since im still on? someone answer soon please! 

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Re: AF!

  • AF is always long for me and it most likely won't ruin your Clomid.  You should be fine, but talk to your doctor tomorrow.
    Started TTC 4/09 Saw Specialist 7/10 Low Estrogen, FSH, & Progesterone DH: Normal First Round Clomid, Ovidrel, & Prometrium 9/10 Second Round Clomid, Ovidrel, & Prometrium 10/10 IUI #1: Clomid, Ovidrel, & Prometrium 11/10 IUI #2: Clomid, Ovidrel, & Prometrium 12/10 Natural #1: Follistem, Ovidrel, & Prometrium 1/11 Natural #2: Follistem, Ovidrel, & Prometrium 2/11 IUI #3: Follistem, Ovidrel, & Prometrium 3/11 Exploratory Laproscopy: found cysts outside ovaries & fallopian tubes blocked (removed) 5/11 IUI #4: 7/11 IUI #5: 7/11 IVF #1: implanted 2 embryos= BFN w/ no frosties IVF #2: 12/11 implanted 3 embryos= BFN w/ no frosties 2/12: Consulted regular endo about weird test results, worse than nothing. 7/12: Decided that adoption is the best option.
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