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Grayson Leesa is here, 6 wks early!

On September 26 at 6:35pm, my baby girl Grayson Leesa was born via emergency c-section. She weighed 3lbs 15oz and was 17 inches long. She was due on Nov 8 and was 6 weeks early. She required breathing assistance from a cpap machine for 24 hours and an IV for fluids for 3 days. So far she is doing very well for her age and sudden birth. Unless her condition changes we estimate that she will come home sometime in the next 2 weeks.
The reason our docs decided to do a c-section was due to a serious issue with my placenta. They told us at about 18 weeks that the placenta was malformed and in a really odd position. I had about 10 days of light bleeding during the 20-22 week period of the pregnancy after falling down some stairs. I was told at that point that it was likely that I would have a miscarriage. Thankfully that did not happen. At 33 wks and 2 days I noticed a decrease in movement and went in to my docs to have a non-stress test. The test showed that the baby was not reactive and we were sent for an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that the placenta had gotten very big and was VERY vascular. It also showed that there was barely any fluid surrounding the baby and that her growth had slowed remarkably since the last ultrasound 3 weeks previous. I was admitted to the hospital and a test was done to see if my water had broken. It had not. I remained in the hospital and managed to carry her to the 34th week.
During delivery there was a brief period of panic when the doctor tried to take her out. The placenta had grown so big and the baby was so small that the doc literally had trouble finding the baby behind the placenta. For 30 seconds we thought we might have lost her due to the docs reaction. Thankfully the panic only lasted 30 seconds and the baby was safely delivered. The BEST SOUND IN THE WORLD was the sound of my daughter's first cry. OMG, best. sound. ever.
I loved being a part of the "November 2011 Moms" group. I enjoyed all of your stories and loved being able to read about what everyone else was doing and going through. I wish you all very happy and very easy deliveries and millions of smiles from your new babies.

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