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Did it take you by surprise?

For all of you lovely ladies who have already had ur babies. The day you went into labor did you have a feeling today was going to be the day, or did it sneak up on you??

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Re: Did it take you by surprise?

  • I'm glad you asked this... I'm anxiously awaiting my LO, and have felt "different" for the past day or so - wondering if it's all in my head or if it's a sign!
    BFP#1 1/31/11 ~ CK came on her due date, 10/10/11!
    BFP#2 11/20/12, EDD 7/30/13 ~ heard heartbeat at 6w2d ~ mmc discovered at 8w
    1st medicated cycle ~ 6/11/13 ~ Clomid ~ BFN
    2nd medicated cycle ~ 7/12/13 ~ Clomid and trigger shot ~ BFN
    SHG on 8/13/13 ~ uterus looked good!
    Diagnosed with DOR on 8/16/13 ~ AMH 0.27 ~ repeat AMH 0.19
    3rd medicated cycle ~ 8/9/13 ~ Femara and trigger shot ~ BFN
    4th medicated cycle ~ 9/4/13 ~ Bravelle, trigger shot, IUI ~ BFP! ~ EDD: 6/11/14 ~ heartbeat of 118 at 6w3d ~ mmc discovered at 9w1d
  • I'm with you on this one... 

    Like all of us I'm sure, I'm just dying to go into labor. There's nothing left to do but have a baby!

    I'm constantly wondering when it's going to happen...looking for a sign of some sort 

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  • The day my water broke was one of the more 'off' days when I was pregnant. I was 37.5 weeks and the week before I felt fine. That day, I felt like I had hit this wall and I was miserable. I was surprised by the water breaking -- I figured I had another week.

    I had 'given up' on what I wore that day. I went to work in Old Navy black yoga pants and a maternity top, because I was 9 months pregnant, I felt like a bloated cow, and the pants were comfortable. If I wasn't pregnant, I would have worn a dress or suit. I didn't feel LO move a lot and before she was really active. I was concerned driving to lunch because my stomach felt really heavy on the lower left side. I decided I couldn't work 8 hours a day anymore and was going to cut it back to 6 hours.

    I checked my bp when I got home and the lower # was really high. I'm usually in the 90/60 range and the lower number was 97. My doctor was concerned about me getting high bp. 10 minutes later my water broke.

    I had always thought I was going to be early. Even when I asked my doctor how late I would go, he seemed to skirt the issue. 

  • Took me completely by surprise.  I woke up at 530 in the morning to my water breaking, he was born that night at 8:37
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  • It definitely snuck up on me.  I thought for sure he was going to be later than DD, DD was born at 37w1d, and instead he decided to be earlier (36w4d).  I had no clue when I went to work that day, that I would be leaving early to go have a baby.
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  • We kind of had a feeling.  I had been feeling pretty great other than the normal aches and pains of pregnancy (oh and also contractions that went nowhere and were frustrating).  The day before, I crashed - I was exhausted, had a major dizzy spell and felt "off".  2am the next morning, my water broke and Joshua was born at 7:25 that night.
    Joshua Michael, born 9/21/11 and absolutely perfect

    BFP #1 1/30/09; Stopped growing at 5w 5d; D&C 3/10/09;

    BFP #2 2/1/11
  • Good question! I never started labor with my son, so this is new to me! :)
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  • With DD, I had no clue it was coming. My water broke at 38w6d, a few hours after my membranes were stripped. As a FTM then, I didn't expect to go early!

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