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DH is so sweet

*Hope this does not offend anyone, it is religious!"

 I was cleaning out my drawer this morning and found a card he sent to me on Mother's Day. I was spending it with my Mom who lost her Mother in February. On the Saturday before I received a card with a return address from my twins that I lost last year. I was able to name them so this is the return address he put on the card; Jael and Jayden, 924 Golden Street (9-24 is their birth dates), New Jerusalem, HV 7777 He is so sweet!!! The message read:



Sorry we haven't said we loved you in a while. god keeps us pretty busy up here looking after you. We can never say thank you enough for the belly rubs, prayers, and songs you sang to us. And let's not forget the ice cream!! We will never forget that prayer you prayed that God would always be with us  and that HE would take care of us. Just to let you know HE has. We have a huge house and thousands of friends! I've seen you and Dad's retirement house up here and it's BIG. Love you Mommy.



Jael and Jayden


P.S. We can't wait to meet you!


How sweet is that?! I remember how wonderful he was when it all happened. He would squeeze on that twin bed at the hospital with me! LOL Post the sweet things your DH has done for you during or since your loss! We are very blessed to have them to lean on!!

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Re: DH is so sweet

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