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Well...I broke down and bought prunes. And my sweet husband went to the store with me to get them. I hope these things work as well as I have heard! I can't stand this pain from constipation. I am so bloated and uncomfortable. I wanted to try a natural remedy, rather than taking a foreign medication.

Has anyone else tried eating prunes for constipation? Did they work? Does anyone have any other suggestions?


Re: Prunes

  • Any fruit that starts with a P is supposed to be good for constipation: peaches, plums, pears, prunes. Apples can make it worse. Also try to drink more water and maybe some warm tea.

    The generic stool softener Colace is a good product.

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  • I will admit that I have...they seemed to get things flowing, but not as quickly as I would have liked. I have found that Align some free samples from my GI doc. GL!
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  • all last pregnancy, two a day. it may take a day or two if you don't want to take colace to kick start things. After that, if you eat them regularly you shouldn't have any issues.
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  • My doctor prescribed CirtaNatal Harmony.  It's a prenatal vitamin with a stool softener.  Love it!!!!
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  • Apple juice has been working wonders for me.
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  • I dont want to take any medication either, so I bought some prune juice. I was going within two hours. I felt so much better.
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  • I've always eaten two of them a day and now I'm up to four and still nothing!  I hope it works for you.  I've always had trouble with constipation though.  
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  • I just ate two prunes and hopefully it makes going a bit easier because up to this point as soon as my food digests I start to get that horrid need to go but can't feeling. 
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  • Is it weird that I saw this topic and thought it was directed to people who had hit week 9, which is a prune on the fruit ticker?  That's pretty self-centered of me, isn't it.


    ETA: Especially when prunes are really week 10... I'm just jumping ahead a little.  Wow, pregnancy brain.


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  • Kefir.  It's a life saver for me.  It's in the health food aisle, looks like a jug of milk.  It's like yogurt with very active cultures for digestion.  A glass a day and I haven't been constipated at all!!  Highly recommend!
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