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She is here!!!!!!!!!!! (early)

I had my weekly OB appointment on Monday and I had noticed over the weekend that Kayla was a little less active then normal.

When I brought it up to my OB she was like but you still feel her right? I said yes but I just noticed she was not as active as usual.

Off we go for a fetal breathing test and it we scored a 4 out of 8.

OB came in and said - I dont love what I see plus the baby has turned brech (she was head down a few days before)

OB said your 37 almost 38 weeks. Kayla is full term, lets not take any chances and lets go in and get her. I dont want her in their any longer and again I feel she is a baby thats trying to tell us something.

Off we go directly to hospital, hooked to moniters. Had to wait 8 hours for surgery hospital was PACKED.

Sept 26th at 10:09pm Kayla Iris Ma made her debut into the world.

She is 6 pounds 2 oz. We came home yesterday.

Praise God!

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Re: She is here!!!!!!!!!!! (early)

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