Provera question?

for those of you who took or are having to take provera to bring on AF, how long does your period normally last on it? I took provera for 7 days, and im now on my 6th day with AF, and still heavy and showing no signs of this normal?
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Re: Provera question?

  • When I took it, my cycle was a lot heavier, crampier and much more miserable than my normal ones are so I don't think it's that uncommon for it to be like that.  It can't hurt to call the doctor's office just to be sure it's not something else.  But I think what you are experiencing is pretty normal.  Good luck with it!

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  • Mine normally lasted about 10 days and was really really heavy.
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  • Not any heavier or lighter than usual, but about a day longer.  Lasted 4-5 days.

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  • Mine was 5-7 days moderately heavy. I think its normal
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