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Re: Kaiser Fontana/Ontario

  • My OB is in Redlands but both of my kids were born in Fontana. Don't know much of anything about Ontario other than the fact that it's new.
  • I actually go to both, though I prefer the Ontario one.  Their ob/gyn is in the new building and I love it!
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  • I just had my first appointment at Fontana Kaiser.  I loved it.  I had wanted to go to Ontario because it's new, but their appointments were further out and I needed to get in since I'm already in week 12. 

     So far no complaints about Fontana.  Everyone I worked with was really sweet and supportive, which is nice because this is my first pregnancy and I have no idea what I'm doing. 


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  • I am now 19 weeks and I love going to the Ontario one. I can't wait to give birth there! 

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  • I go to the fontana hospital.  I really like my doctor but I have heard bad things about other doctors there :(  I havent toured the maternity ward tho. I did take one class that was for women 6-8 weeks pregnant about what will happen as your pregnancy progresses and when to call the dr but i havent registered for any other classes yet.
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