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Sleeping questions...HELP PLEASE!

We have been bedsharing since DS was born and plan on continuing, but also need him to be able to sleep in his crib to make daytime naps and sleepovers at grandma's house work.

Any suggestions? Right now as soon as I lay him in the crib he is wide awake....and even when I sleep next to him he pushes me away to have his own space...

HELP - I want to do what is best for him...


TIA! :)

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Re: Sleeping questions...HELP PLEASE!

  • DS never went down for naps or sleep at 8 months old without being rocked/nursed down almost fully asleep and then placed in the crib/bed. Have you tried looking at E. Pantley's No Cry Sleep Solution? Some of the tips there were very helpful, others not so much, but it did help to identify a problem. She also has a book on napping.

     Good luck!


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  • If you leave him there does he get upset? Or will he eventually just fall asleep? If he's not upset I'd probably just wait and see what happens. 

    Ditto the NCSS rec, we used a lot of her ideas for a long time. We were able to get her to sleep in her crib for naps and the start of the night, but had to put her down passed out cold. (But that eventually improved, too.) 

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