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Tests, Calendars and Thermometers Oh My!

I went off the pill in August. We decided we'd start actually trying "on purpose" after our wedding in November but if something happened in the mean time we'd be happy about that too.

I have an app on my phone that is supposedly helpful for charting your fertile days, but from everything I'm reading, there is seriously nothing that is spot on. The pee sticks may not show something fast enough, the saliva thing is hard to read, the watch looks like an operator error waiting to happen and all of my reading has done the opposite of reassuring me that this is going to be a pleasant process. 

Is anyone else frustrated by all of the conflicting information? I feel like we might as well have sex 30 days straight to make sure we didn't miss some magical window. I am also feeling really discouraged about this happening easily. Sad

Did anyone use any of these products and find them beneficial? Or should you use the calendar and get busy for a week or so straight?

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Re: Tests, Calendars and Thermometers Oh My!

  • Welcome! I would recommend reading the newbie link if you haven't done so yet. I have really enjoyed charting and it is not overwhelming.  I think most people think Fertility Friend is really helpful so if you want to try it you can click on my ticker. I think it might give you some free days. Everyone is different so whatever you feel comfortable doing is fine.The issue with having sex every day just so you don't miss something is that if is doesn't work month after month it might be exhausting!
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  • Welcome and Good Luck!

    Personally, my whole thoughts on charting and ovulation tests is two-fold. I like them and I don't like them...depending on the day! Some days I love them and that I can read so much into my body and all that is going on with it! Then other days I hate that I have to take my temp every.single.morning before I move a muscle. I hate that we have to 'schedule' sex around O'time.

    Now this is only our 2nd official cycle of trying, so take my words with a grain a salt! Some women on here have been doing this a long time and have such great advice, you will learn so much from them, and from the books you read!

    Last cycle I temped/charted the whole month. This cycle I haven't done any charting. With last month's charting I decided that I wanted to take this cycle and just go with the flow. For my DH and I, we are taking this month and enjoying the process. We are also in the process of moving to Japan (DH is in the military) so taking this month off of charting it will be nice! And next month, we may go back to charting, we will cross that bridge when the time comes!


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  • I definitely find them beneficial. However, its my first month actually charting and I'm a little sloppy with it, to say the least. I stress myself out because if I miss a day I get really frustrated and think to myself, "whats the point if I can't be consistent?" But I know over the long run the more I do it, the more I'll learn about my body.



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