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DD saw DB this weekend

and he really is nothing more than a familiar face to her. X-SIL took DD to a birthday party for her great-grandfather. DB's entire family was there, and he eventually showed up too. Apparently DD barely even acknowledged him. Geez, she hasn't seen him Christmas Eve, what did anyone expect.

X-SIL was kind of mad because more than a few family members made comments about how DD was really attached to her, like she sees her but no one else in the family is able too. X-SIL knows this is not true, she just happens to be the only one who ever asks to take DD and I am not going to run around calling all of his family members and ask them if they want to spend time with DD). Please, she is 3 and in a house full of people that she doesnt know. I guess she is going to gravitate to the 1 person she knows.

I hate DB for the piss poor father is...and the fact that it doesnt bother him at.all.


Re: DD saw DB this weekend

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