pcos and ttc

Hey at everyone out there!

  Here's a little background on me....My husband have been trying to conceive on our own for about a year, and recently went to the gyno and started talking about a pregnancy plan. I dont have AF on my EVER! Maybe once a year if that. I was prescribed Provera, and Clomid. Started Provera on September 11, last pill was on the 17th. just got AF yesterday! Never thought Id be so happy for a period! I will start Clomid this Thursday *days 5-9*......only side effect from Provera so far is cramping, but having AF is pretty light so far. 

  Nervous and excited about all of this!

I am 24 and my husband is 26. I am a plus size woman, with pcos. Unfortunately I have a lot of the symptoms including but not limited to excess facial hair, some acne, non-existent cycle. Hoping that Provera/Clomid are a winning combination for us! 

Starting with 10mg Provera -7 days                                                                   50mg Clomid- days 5-9

 This is "the husband". I just want to say thank you to all of you for your assistance and wish us luck!

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Re: pcos and ttc

  • I hope you are seeing your Ob/gyn for follow up ultra sounds and blood work. Clomid can have serious side effects expecially a women with PCOS.

    Good luck!

    SAIF/PAIF Welcome

    We have been TTTC since July 2008:

    Irregular cycles, high prolactin, dilated right tube, cysts, male IF

    IUI # 1 ~ 12/09/10 ~ 50 mg Clomid, 250 mg Ovidrel = BFN

    IUI #2 ~ 01/09/11, #3~ 02/11/11 & # 4.2~ 04/19/11~ 20 mg Tamoxifen, 250 mg Ovidrel = BFN

    IUI # 5 ~ 09/28/11, # 6 ~ 11/23/11, & # 7~ 12/17/12~ 112.5 iu Gonal F, 250 mg Ovidrel = BFN

    12/14/11 ~ IVF consult
    IVF #1 ~ 02/15/12 BCP, 02/29/12 10 units Lupron, 3/9/12 Baseline,
    03/09/12 stimms 250 iu Gonal F, 5 units Lupron ~ 03/20/12 ER = 5 eggs ~ 03/23/12 ET = One-4BF transfered~ Beta # 1 04/04/12 = 134 ~ Beta # 2 04/06/12 = 283 ~ Beta # 3 04/09/12 = 906

    Due date 12/08/12 :-)
    Born 12/15/12 :)


  • so you will find that there are more than a few of us on here with pcos, myself included. good luck on your journey and buckets of sticky baby dust for us all
    "Live your life with no regrets and you won't miss so much of it looking back."
    Me: 26 DH:31
    After a m/c, a year of failed treatments with an RE, and a failed surrogacy option, we are grateful to open our home, heart, and lives to foster children.
    We are hoping to adopt when the timing is right.
    Come on forever child- find us! :)
    P/SAIF DEFINATELY welcomed!!!
  • I also have PCOS. I have never had to use the Provera, for the most part, my period would start anywhere between 28-35 days ( with the exception of a 46 day cycle when I was really stressed) Clomid has given me hot flashes and I am pretty moody,but nothing that I cant handle:) Good luck with everything. You will get good advice from the ladies on this board. Also, I dont know if you recently got the PCOS diagnosis( did not look at your siggy) but my friend bought me a book to read called " PCOS and your fertility" its a pretty good book!
  • yepp, im suppossed to go in the 20th day of my cycle for blood tests!  thanks!
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  • i wasnt just now diagnosed...i have suspected it since i was 16 since my older sister has it also and we had very similar symptoms...and was diagnosed about a year and a half ago but we agreed to not start fully trying until we got married which was just about 2 weeks ago, so before now we were just "actively not preventing" alot lol
    *Happy I found the person i want to be with and annoy for the rest of my life*
  • OMG so as I was reading this it sounded like I was the one that wrote it. I literally had to scroll up to make sure I didn't post something and didn't remember. LOL. I've been on provera/clomid since November 2010 just at my gyno's office. We have our first appointment tomorrow with the RE. My doctor tried Clomid 50mg a few times before moving up to 100mg. Since November I have only ovulated once.

    Good luck. I'm pretty new on here so I don't know if you can add someone as a friend to keep in touch, but we definitely keep in touch.

  • it wont let me add friends on here : (
    *Happy I found the person i want to be with and annoy for the rest of my life*
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