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Ultrasound revealing wrong gender?

Hi! I'm new to the bump and this is my first post, so sorry if I'm going about it all wrong, ha. Was wondering though how common it might be to get the gender wrong with a 20 week ultrasound? I've been told I'm having a girl, but just signed onto my FB account and saw a friend of mine found out she's actually having a girl after being told it was a boy with a previous ultrasound. I've bought so much pink already but now I can't help but worry! 

Re: Ultrasound revealing wrong gender?

  • Not very likely. Unless the ultrasound tech was a third grader, or gave you a "I'm not really sure" warning, it's very likely you're having a little girl. Especially at 20 weeks! Maybe your FB friend was told boy early on, like 12 weeks or so? I think the cases of being told wrong gender at 20 weeks (nowadays) are few and far between.

    Don't worry, keep buying pink! 

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  • After our 20 week ultrasound my husband asked our doctor what the chances were. She said in her 10 years it had only been wrong once. You can always have them double check at your next sonogram or go get an elective one done in a couple weeks and get it verified.

  • Welcome. I think it depends on how sure the ultrasound tech was when they told you. For me the umbilical cord was a little in the way but she was pretty sure that it was a boy. We are buying a lot of gender neutral stuff since it is not 100% sure. But there are a lot of times that there is a very clear shot and it is probably pretty safe. 
  • My BIL was told boy last year and had a baby girl, so it happens. I would definitely ask my doctor/tech the reliability of their "guess." My doctor gave us a 90%, but from what I hear, that's what he tells everyone. 
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  • It happens, but sounds like it's pretty rare.
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  • I was worried about that when I had my u/s done. However, I was told that she definately knew it was a girl. Unless they tell you that they cannot see for sure than I wouldn't worry

     Congrats on your little girl!

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  • Thanks so much for your reply! Looks like we've got close to the same EDD! I'm due February 4th! My tech seemed pretty sure. I was so excited though I didn't even think to ask her to give me a percentage, lol. Congrats on your own little girl! 
  • Thanks for replying, she seemed like a seasoned tech, and she most def spent a lot of time looking at all different angles so I'm feeling good that she knew what she was doing. My friend did have an early ultrasound, I think 16 weeks. I'll keep buying pink... but may throw a few yellow and green outfits into the mix just to be on the safe side. LoL! 
  • My mom is pushing for us to go have a 3d US done when we come up to visit her at the end of October... maybe now we'll take her up on that offer! 
  • I actually think she was right at 16 weeks when she had her first US done. Thanks so much for replying! I'll keep buying pink, while throwing in a few yellow and green onesies too. ;) 
  • It happens, but not often enough to be concerned about it!  We just had an ultrasound at 12/13 weeks and the ultrasound tech wouldn't even guess because she said the genitals are about the same size at this stage and she would not be sure enough to accurately tell us what she thought.  Some people get guesses but I don't know how accurate it is.  It had a buldge with a long bump inbetween its legs, but the ultrasound tech says weither its a girl or boy they are about the same size right now.  We will be doing the anatomy scan in 4-6 weeks and will know for sure then.  Most of the things we are buying will be neutral colors, but I will wait on clothes and personal items until we know the sex.  Crossing fingers for a boy....we have 4 girls already!!

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  • Outside the u/s office at my hospital is a u/s for showing a girl, and showing a boy.  If they can get a clear shot from below, it's pretty darn obvious!

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  • I couldnt imagine that happening these days, really weird. As soon as the monitor came on I knew it was a boy lol, its very obvious! Litterally had the frank and the beans tucked in between the legs :@) so I am sure you dont have anything to worry about.
  • It does happen.  Not all that often but I'm pretty sure almost everyone knows someone that it has happened to. 

    For me it was a girl in the business office at my old department.  If I remember correctly she was told she was having a girl and had a boy- her 3rd boy.  But since they planed for a girl everything was pink so the family rushed around exchanging all the pink stuff for blue.  The u/s tech was the same one she had seen for her previous pregnancies and had been right for those so no one questioned when she said girl, I think the doctor also thought it was going to be a girl.  But I may have the gender backwards in my mind- it may have been told boy, had girl- all I know for sure is she had the opposite of what she was told.

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  • I feel like it would be easier to mistake a girl for a boy on an ultra sound.  What I mean is there maybe something in the right location for a penis and mistaken for one.  However, if there really is one it would be pretty difficult to miss it and say the fetus is female.  I'm having twin boys and its pretty clear where the little things are lol in every picture so I wouldn't worry :)  Congrats on your soon to come baby girl!!!!
  • It actually just happened to a friend of mine. So it can happen lol. She was told it was a girl and gave birth to a little boy a few days ago!
  • It happened to me 2 years ago.  I was told that we were having an "XX", which I remember enough of my HS biology to know is a girl.  We had the pink shower and a girl name.  Fast forward a couple months to the delivery and out comes an "XY"! 
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  • Is the position of th baby in the 3D view is the equivalent position to the sonogram.  Any guess in the gender of baby?
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  • PP have given great info on your question. I'll add something else. It is the sex of the baby you are uncertain of not the gender. Sex is the physical characteristic (penis or vulva) and gender is a social construct found in the brain. Sex doesn't always match the gender that society matches it with. 

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    @joules235 Some newb resurected a three year old zombie thread. It seems to be happening a lot lately...sigh.

    @devthomas This thread is THREE years old, for Pete sake. WTH? In any case, I cannot tell what that u/s is even showing—so no guess on the sex of your unborn child.

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  • @joules235 Some newb resurected a three year old zombie thread. It seems to be happening a lot lately...sigh.

    devthomas This thread is THREE years old, for Pete sake. WTH?

    Oops I didn't even look at the date, this has been happening a lot and I keep losing my "date check" mental notes... I shall blame pregnancy and not take responsibility for my actions haha ;)

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  • Ultrasounds are subject to human error. Though, for arguments sake, if they are wrong what is the worst that can happen? You return or donate?

    Also, the kid doesn't give a shit. Poop can happen to pink or blue outfits. I've dressed DS in blue head to toe. He's so pretty that I still gets asked "how old is she?" ;)

    I'd keep the stuff even if you do get the other sex. Having extra clothes for that blowout at Target is never a bad idea.

    I know it's all a part of your pregnancy experience, but I would encourage you to invest your energy elsewhere. This is not a huge problem in the grand scheme of things, yeah?

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  • It happens. My SIL thought she was having a girl until the day my nephew was born. All that pink stuff really came in handy. ;)
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    Unless the U/S tech(s) is not well trained or new to it than there might be a 50/50 chance the sex maybe read wrong. But by 20 weeks antomy scan is pretty accurate if the baby cooprates and wants to flash. For me, my 12 week blood work at the genetic screening, 20 week U/S, and my 28 week U/S confirmed the sex to be on target. Ask the U/S questions on how long she or he have been trained in U/S and schooling. We did and the techs were happy to talk about their skill briefly.
  • My cousin and his wife were told they were having a girl. They were told that at the A/S. Nope, they had a boy.

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  • If you feel unsure get another opinion. Also check out some ultrasounds online of boys and girls. This way you also know what you are looking at. At 20 weeks it is pretty obvious as long as the baby is in a good position.
  • We had friends just this last summer who were told girl at the u/s (at 20 weeks) and he was a boy! But out of all my friends having babies (and it's like EVERYONE in the whole world), that's the only story I've heard. Luckily they LOVE surprises!
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