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Need an OBGYN okay with Natural Birth San Diego

Hi there,

 I am currently going to an OBGYN that is already threatening induction and c-section. I am only 25 weeks, and am having a perfectly normal pregnancy. 

 I am going to change OBs but cannot find one that is covered by my AIM  Blue Cross EPO insurance and will be okay with me refusing (unless absolutely necessary) Pitocin and the whole rigmarole.

 Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated. The following are not covered under my insurance (unfortunately): 

Dr. Nick Capetanakis, D.O.

Dr. Angelica Zaid

Dr. Laurie Greenberg & Dr. Heather Gunnarson

Dr. Karen Lee

Dr. Sudabeh Moein



Re: Need an OBGYN okay with Natural Birth San Diego

  • ok, why is he already saying induction and c/s?  i'm confused about that.  have you looked into using a mw?

    Ryan Keith born 2.19.12 weighing 8lb 15oz. At six weeks 12lb 4oz.



  • You should look into the nurse midwifery program at ucsd. They work in conjunction with the OBs and you can switch if you become high risk, but the midwives are supposed to be good. They take blue cross.
  • Oh, also the OB I've gone to, at Scripps, Dr. Seth Bulow is awesome. I don't know whether or not he is natural birth friendly, but I would guess he is because he's a wonderful listener and I feel like he would take your thoughts and feelings into consideration as far as the birth you want.
  • I'd definitely call the birthing center at UCSD. I now have Dr Cap but I didn't back when I had my son in early '10 and yes he's super awesome but he only takes HMO's. The birthing center takes AIM and medi-cal. You need to call the birthing center quickly though because they are usually booked out 2-4 weeks and you con't be over a certain amount of weeks gestation or they won't take you. I've had numerous friends deliver their and I've heard amazingly wonderful things about the staff and the support they offer. Good luck momma!!
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