2nd Trimester


Im almost 14 weeks pregnant and i am def. feeling the ligament pain.  I'm sleeping on my left side mostly and at night sometimes i feel discomfort in my stomach.  If im to gently touch the top of the stomach or  the side i feel a little bit of pain as in if i just stretched my abdomen and im sore.  I just wanted to get an idea from you ladies what sort of pain you felt during your 2nd trimester and what is "normal"?

Re: Pain

  • Purchasing a body pillow definitely helped alleviate some of the pain and soreness from sleeping. I've had alot more pain this time around, but I think it's due to my c-section scar. Sometimes if I move the wrong way or sneeze it feels like I'm splitting open, but my OB said this was normal. I would say what your feeling is normal, but I would mention it to your OB at your next appointment. Hope you get some relief!
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