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Nice comment about EBF

At a family dinner last week, my husband's aunt asked me if my DD was on formula. She's 19 months, so no -- I think she meant to ask if she was nursing. I debated not really getting into it because my ILs have given me some grief about DD "still" nursing before, but decided to be honest and said that DD nurses when I'm home and has some WCM at daycare.

I loved her response -- "You're so lucky!" :-) It made my day. She has always been supportive -- at dinners and parties at her house, she always made sure I had a comfortable place to nurse DD if I wanted it and is just a wonderful, warm person in general. It was nice so nice to talk to her about it. I'm pretty much the only person in my and MH's families that has nursed since formula became popular, so I haven't gotten much support otherwise.

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Re: Nice comment about EBF

  • That's awesome!! We just switched pediatricians and went when DS was 13 months.  She totally supported breast feeding and said carry as long as long as I want.  This was a nice change from his previous Dr.  We're now done nursing but I don't know why some family makes you feel ashamed if you do it past 1 year.  Family should be supportive.  I'm nervous about this cold and flu season and him not getting my antibodies anymore.
  • That is great :)
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  • You are very lucky! Both to "still" be nursing and also to have such a supportive aunt (in-law).

    Noone in my family of DHs bf since formula either and they all think im completely crazy. Im lucky that none of them mind me nursing in front of them (very discreetly, by my own preference).

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  • She sounds awesome. It's nice to have those people in your life. :-)
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