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Introducing a sippy cup

My LO is 6MO and is EBF.  We didn't introduce sippy cups to my first child until he was 1 or so (at least from what I remember), so I I was curious if I am supposed to introduce on earlier.  Is there any benefit to doing so?  I am going to start him on cereal soon as well.


Thank you!!

Re: Introducing a sippy cup

  • I didn't jump on the sippy cup bandwagon. J shows no interest. We just practice with regular cups. I don't think it's absoultely necessary to use a sippy cup.
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  • We bought the Playtex ones with straws because I am able to cover the straw when she isn't "drinking"
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  • When K does more than whap herself in the head with it, we'll consider introducing it for actual drinking.
  • I give one with an ounce of water in it to DS every night after his solids. He doesn't really understand it, but hes been getting better. My pedi recommended starting them now as an alternative to bottles (which DS has only used maybe 5 times). Once DS gets the hang of the sippy, we will offer those instead of bottles, if he has to be away from me.
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  • Yep, we have one.  I put water or EBM in it for practice.
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  • We introduced these at about 5 1/2 months

    DD can now drink a little from it on her own already.  We did it so early since she really doesn't like taking a bottle.  She'll drink EBM from the sippy cup sometimes when she won't take a bottle (and can't have it from the source).

     I did read that it can be better to introduce a regular cup first (which we also did and DD gets on a regular basis as well)


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  • I've read that it's good to get them using a cup by 1 year. We use the Take n Toss ones with no handle. LO does not understand what to do if there is a handle...but if there isn't he's a pro.
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  • We started LO on a sippy cup at 5 mos. She took to it immediately so I started putting much less water since she was chugging it. We use the Born Free brand that has the removable handles which we put on her bottles as well. She only started holding her own bottle when we introduced the sippy cup. Guess she likes the handles....
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