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39w and still hasn't dropped

I was carrying really high through most of my pregnancy and thought that LO dropped around 34w. He was definitely sitting lower at that point, I felt the relief of being able to breathe again and heartburn had subsided, and my doctor said his head was down so I assumed this was his dropping... wrong! My doctor checked my cervix at my last appointment and told me LO's head is still sitting near my belly button area and needs to make its way down. 

Anyone with experience not drop until the last moment? Most women I've talked to dropped around 36w or so. I was already planning on him coming late because I don't want to set myself up for disappointment... I've just got this fear in the back of my head that for some reason he won't drop and I'll end up with a c-section or something... is that possible? For baby not to drop? Guess I'm just looking to see that I'm not alone here! Thanks!


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Re: 39w and still hasn't dropped

  • I'm almost 38 weeks and haven't dropped at all. My doctor was surprised especially since its my first baby. They are waiting to see what happens.
  • I don't have experience... but a lot of people on here have said that LO didn't drop until in labor, so I wouldn't worry too much about it at this point, especially since LO is head down
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  • I was pushing DS when he was at -2 station, so he never really dropped.
  • I am 39 tomorrow and having the same issue! Thanks for asking! Glad to hear that in the end it might not matter. I'm praying it doesn't mean I'm going over my due date though!
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  • I'm heading towards 39 weeks and haven't dropped yet.
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  • My little girl's head was sitting on a large water pocket so she never actually dropped until the doctor broke my water when I was 9 cm dialted. I wouldn't worry about him not dropping, he will move into position when the time comes. Also, my little girl was born on her due date so her not dropping was never an issue with me going into labor (I too planned for her to be late). Good luck with everything!!
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    I don't have experience... but a lot of people on here have said that LO didn't drop until in labor, so I wouldn't worry too much about it at this point, especially since LO is head down


    With dd, she came at 37 weeks and at no point did she drop before that to tell me that she was coming.

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  • We've got the same due date :) I haven't dropped either and baby has been high the whole pregnancy. I had my appointment yesterday and my doc said don't be surprised if you go another two weeks :( I try to remind myself that they're just guessing so I don't get my hopes up either. I'm dialated 2 cm and 50% effaced...so I don't know. I have the same fear that I'm going to go super late. I'd like to avoid being induced or having c-section as much as I can, but obviously will take those actions if need be. I think I may just have to seduce the husband tonight lol

     **Just visited our best friend's today, who had their baby yesterday. She drank castor oil the night before...same thing with her first child and went into labor the next day. She swears by it! I'm almost tempted but don't think I could down that stuff!  Good luck!!

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  • my LO has dropped but her head is still not low enough, so im being induced tomorrow. good luck!
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