2nd Trimester

3rd Trimester

I am so anxious to be in the 3rd trimester because I will finally feel like I am in the "home stretch". I am seriously uncomfortable and she is growing a lot...I can tell because my belly itches all of the time and I'm starting to develop that oh so beautiful line down the middle of my belly. Is it week 27 or 28 that one is considered to be in the 3rd tri? 


Also, at about what week did you have your final u/s. I'm really excited about that as well!! I just want to see her again...can't wait to look at her everyday!!!

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Re: 3rd Trimester

  • Thats wonderful the third trimester.....its also one of the longest....Good luck to you, hopefully it goes really fast for you.

    I think my doc does the last one (for a vaginal birth at 32 or 34 weeks. My doc does one right before I deliver becuase I have a schedule c-section planned.

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  • I had my last u/s around 38 weeks because we were making sure she was still small enough to attempt a vaginal birth (I'm diabetic so she was measuring ahead). I had one at 34 as well I think, but again, I was high risk so they were keeping a close eye on her.
  • I agree with pp--3rd tri DRAGS.  This is why I haven't put too much thought into names and the nursery--so I have something to do when I'm pacing the floor in January.

    I didn't have a 3rd ultrasound and didn't know that was normal.  My OB just felt my abdomen and could tell LO was head-down. 



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  • I am unsure of when you would say your in the third tri. The preg week by week says 28 weeks but when I hit 27 my stats changed to third tri. Also my what to expect book says 27 weeks is 3rd tri.

    As for the u/s my ob wont do another oneCrying He said the only way I would get one is if they thought something was wrong. If you do get one enjoy it!

  • Drs typically consider the 3rd tri to start at the beginning of your 27 week (so 26wk 1 day).

    I won't have another u/s after the anatomy scan unless there is a reason to be concerned etc.  With DD#1, I didn't have one.  With DD#2 I had one at 38 wk to confirm she was breach because I was till debating between trying for a VBAC or doing a repeat c/s.

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  • 3rd tri is certainly the loonnggesst!!  :)  With DD, I had about 3 u/s in the 3rd tri because I had placenta previa and DD was breech.  My PP corrected itself and DD flipped (both around 38 weeks (I think), so I was able to deliver vaginally, but that's why I had so many.  It was great to get to see her so much though!
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