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buying/registering for clothes

So the itch to start shopping has been getting pretty strong... What I am wondering about is clothing sizes. I know it varies baby to baby, but as for buying ahead of time or registering, are the "monthly" sizes relatively true to age? Meaning, if the baby is born in February, if I buy summer-y outfits in the 6 month size are they likely to fit? And fall outfits in 9 month... etc. I know the smart thing to do would be to just not purchase those type of outfits ahead of time but they are JUST SO CUTE!  Just wondering, thanks for any help!
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Re: buying/registering for clothes

  • Depends on the baby. DS fit NB for 2 weeks, 0-3 for the next 4 weeks, 3-6 until he hit about 3.5 months, etc. He was in 18-24 months at 5/6 months. He gained a lot of weight early on but then thinned out a lot - to the point that he is wearing the same shorts today (age 2) that he wore at 5 months because that was the only size that fit around his belly chub.

    So I wouldn't buy anything ahead of time except a few NB or 0-3 month clothes. And you will probably be given a lot of clothes too. We could have gotten away with not buying any baby clothes at all for the first year.

  • Depends on the baby, my daughter never really fit in newborn and grew really fast and was in 12-18 months by 9 months. My niece is 4 months and still swims in the 0-3 clothes. You are probably ok to buy a little ahead of time, but it really does depend on the child and the brand (DD wears 2t in some things but needs 3t in others)
  • i would go by weight vs age, the 0-3month size at most stores starts at 8lbs. if you buy staples & things that are multi-seasonal you'll be ok. pants are also harder since some dont account for the diaper ! 
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