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XP: Not to scare anyone...

I posted this on the August board but I felt like I needed to post here as well...this is a sad story. One of my cousins friends just had a baby girl and he was up in the middle of the night giving her a bottle in their recliner in the living room. He finished feeding her and had her up on his chest burping her and she fell asleep and then he did as well. Somehow she slipped down into the crook of his arm without him waking up and she was suffocated by his shirt:( he woke up to the horror of his baby girl being gone. Totally not trying to bring the board down or scare anyone but this just reminded me to be extra careful with those late night feedings that I don't get too comfortable and loose track of what I'm doing. I know situations like this are pretty rare but this just reminded me that they do happen and to be extra careful. My heart is breaking for him and his family...:(

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