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Woah You're Really Pregnant!!

So my dh finds it amusing apparently to constantly tell me how pregnant i look. Last night he walks in and says "Woah you're really pregnant...before I could only tell if I looked at your belly that you were pregnant but now I can really tell." So of course dumb ass me asks what he means and he tells me he can tell now that im pregnant in my face and legs. I start crying because I've been very concerned about gaining too much weight (which is very aware of) because I've been on bedrest since 18 weeks due to surgery, kidney stones, and pain issues. He couldn't understand why i was crying and asked me if he was supposed to lie. I said "YES." :(
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Re: Woah You're Really Pregnant!!

  • Aw, don't worry. It's nice to look pregnant! Look pregnant your whole body through! It's beautiful! 
  • It's all water and excess blood my dear.  That will go away.  Tell him his face and legs would look like that too if he were carrying around  6-8 liters of water and 50% more blood volume.
  • My husband says things like that to me all the time, and he seems to think that he's being nice! He said that he loves that I look so pregnant.
  • My husband tells me all the time when I stand a certain way or have a certain outfit on how pregnant I look and I absolutly love it.  He always says it with a big smile on his face and follows it with coming to rub my belly or give his Elie a kiss (he even asks me where her face is so he can aim correctly lol).

     Try to see it from his pov...he's not pregnant, he only gets to experience it through you.  Changes he can see in your body are exciting for him because it makes it seem more real.  I would assume your husband loves you an awful lot and would even if you packed on 100 lbs...so don't worry about it! This is the one time in your life you're SUPPOSED to gain weight and it only makes you more beautiful to him because you're carrying his child.

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  • I don't blame you for being upset.  I feel like a circus freak too.  I don't think guys see it as ugly, they just see it as part and parcel to the whole pregnancy thing.  Agree with other posters that to him it's probably just very exciting to see all the changes you're going through, especially since he doesn't really get to experience any of them himself.  Tell him to just give you a hug next time and tell you how beautiful you are, which I'm sure, you really ARE!
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