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Grayson Cooper is here! 8 weeks early

Well my little peanut decided to come 8 weeks early.  He was born at 6:57 on 09/10/2011.  What a story I have to tell him about the day he was born!  I was taking a nap when my water broke around 12:45 that day.  I called my  mom (im a single mom) and she came up to my house to take me to the hospital.  I decided while she was on her way to get in the shower and get my stuff together since I didn't have ANYTHING ready for the hosptial yet.  She takes me to the hosptial and my dad takes my other two kids and we get to the hospital around 1:30.  I wasn't dialated and effaced to about 25%.  They do all the prelimary blood work and such and check me again at about 2:30 and still no progress other than I was 70% effaced.  My contractions were getting stronger at about 4min apart and so since my local hospital didn't have a NICU they tried to stop the contractions long enough for me to hitch a ride to the bigger hosptial about an hour away (they tried twice).  Welllll....there was a big bike rally in town and in the bigger city there was a big football game about to start so there were NO ambulances avaliible to take me.  Running out of choices they decide to Medivac me up to the bigger hosptial.  My little Grayson and I got to go through labor in a HELICOPTER!  How the time i left in the chopper I was a 3-4 that was about 5pm

 By the time I got to the hosptial I was already a 6-7 dialated (this was a 20 min flight) and i was told I'd have enough time for an epidural.  Well within 15min the doc checked me again and I was a 9 1/2 and NO TIME FOR THE EPIDURAL!!!!  I didnt push for very long and he was out.  He weighed 3lbs 11oz and is in the NICU right now.  He's doing really well and off everything except the heartmonitors and the feeding tube.  he wants to nurse and has a strong suck reflex but the doctors won't let him yet.

 He's perfect...tiny but perfect!

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