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Pediatrician Recomendation - near Media, PA

Hello! I am looking for a pediatrician near Media, PA that is knowledgeable of breastfed babies. The practice I am taking my LO does not seem to be giving me the best information. Although it may have been common practice years ago it just hasn't been working for us. Thank you.

Re: Pediatrician Recomendation - near Media, PA

  • I would go to Dr. Soppas at Drexel Hill Peds. She is a lactation consultant as well as a pediatrician. She wasn't our main pedi, but I saw her at the recommendation of my lactation consultant when my older daughter was born.

     Alternatively you could see a lactation consultant for anything BF related and keep going to your pedi for other things. That depends on what the issues are and how much you like the office otherwise. 

    Good luck! 

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  • Where do you take your LO now?  My daughter is not home yet but I am looking into the practice inside of Riddle Hospital...Dr. Albert Lehmicke.  I've heard nothing but good things from my friends about him.  I heard that his staff is very nice and he is holistic with a lot of things.  He tries to stay away from pumping kids with meds if they don't need them...
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  • Hello, I have three boys and I use Chop Care Network in the Springfield Healthplex. They have not failed me wrong in over 13 years. Dr. Arem is great


  • We go to Providence Pediatrics behind TRU on Baltimore Pike.

    Four female physicians ranging in age from 30s to probably 70s.

    Like them a lot.


  • This practice (PP) came recommended by my lactation consultant. They are a very BF friendly practice, according to her;

    Providence Pediatrics behind TRU on Baltimore Pike.


    That being said, we go to Kids First in the HealthPlex and they were supportive of my BFing, but not overly so. 

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