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pockets with natural fiber lining

I love my pockets, but I'm new to this world - I have a Happy Heinys hemp, a Blueberry bamboo delux, and a Swaddlebees Econappi.  The first time I washed them they went through the dryer, but this time I line-dried them with my other pockets and only these 3 are crunchy. I'll throw them in the dryer again for a few minutes to soften them up, but should I just leave them in the dryer with inserts and PFs from now on?
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Re: pockets with natural fiber lining

  • That's a hard combination. The natural fibers will be softer if dried in the dryer, but the PUL would be better to air dry. I have heard you shouldn't use the natural fabric softeners(ecover, etc) on PUL, so you probably don't want to try that to keep the natural linings soft. What I would probably do is either dry the shells partially in the dryer, then take them out to line-dry the rest of the way, or line-dry most of the way and fluff in the dryer for a few minutes after. If you just line-dry, they will be crunchy. If you just dry in the dryer, the PUL would likely not last as long as if you line-dry.

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  • Thanks - I'm gonna line dry, then fluff in the dryer.

    No one else has this issue? 

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  • I did. I used to have a GAD with a bamboo velour inner.

    I often line dried it with my other pockets. DD never seemed to mind the crunchiness.

    If it bothers you or your baby, I'd just machine dry it. It might slightly decrease its lifetime, but I doubt it will be significant -- PUL was made to withstand a lot of abuse. Just use the low setting.

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