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BRU/BuyBuy Baby Return Policy without receipt?

My shower was this weekend (yay!), and we did received a few duplicates. Does BRU or BuyBuy Baby take back items without receipts? Do they give you full price? I'd assume it's a store credit only thing?


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Re: BRU/BuyBuy Baby Return Policy without receipt?

  • If it was on your registry, they will take it back with no receipt.  I'm not sure if it's at full price or whatever it's selling for now, but it will be a store credit.  It was for me, anyway. 
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  • It is definitely store credit but I had no issues returning anything at Buy Buy Baby without a receipt.

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  • BRU doesn't take returns unless you have a receipt or if it was purchased from your registry (and if you have proof off of your registry). 
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  • Not sure about BuyBuyBaby but BRU will only gove you a store credit ( via a gift card) for whatever the latest sale price has been.
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  • I've returned at both stores without receipts.  At BBB, they will take it even if it wasn't on your registry as long as they usually sell it (some companies make specific lines exclusive to one store or another- for example, my Graco PnP print is only sold at BRU, whereas other Graco PnP prints/styles are sold only at BBB).

    At BRU, I returned a few outfits that I wasn't even sure came from there- no receipts and not on my registry.  But again, since they sold the brand their usually, they took it back no problem.  I got store credit for the current selling price at both stores.

    If you're concerned, just go online and add the items to your registry before you go.  It's possible that someone bought you a gift and didn't tell the cashier it was from your registry, so they'll still take it back if it's on the registry even if it wasn't marked as purchased. 

  • I'm glad to know this!  I've been meaning to ask - I received two diaper pails (one on my registry and one not) and I was really hoping I could return one!
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  • BBB will accept returns without a receipt, but they will only give you the current price of the item.  We received a baby monitor that we didn't register for, returned it and got the one that we actually wanted with no problems.  They are very easy to work with.  
  • at my BRU they will take stuff back with no reciept and give u store credit
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