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Irritated by Always Pads?

My mom bought me Always brand pads for after baby cuz she found them on sale, but my friend (who's youngest child is 3) told me that post-partum the plastic-y top layer of Always irritated her already-sore areas down there.  Like I said, this was 3 years ago and I wonder if they've changed their product since then.  Anyone experienced irritation from Always pads more recently?


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Re: Irritated by Always Pads?

  • I used them and I don't remember having any problems with them. I also used depends for night time so I wouldn't have to worry about any accidental stains. plus they're SUPER sexy;P
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  • I never liked the plasticky feel - so I went with Kotex...much better. I second the Depends! Nothing make you feel sexier...they rise up high enough to tuck the post partum belly too bahahaha

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  • I never liked Always because the plastic-y top layer irritated me, but I got some anyway because the options for winged pads were limited at my grocery store. I used them PP, but I had a c-section so wasn't sore down there. They didn't seem any different from when I last used them years ago.

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  • The new Infinity ones aren't bad...
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  • I posted about this on the Sept 2011 birth board just within the last few days. My OB's nurse told this the other day. She said not to use Always pads because they can be irritating/cause a reaction in some women, post partum. It was a little late for me to avoid them- I'd already used them for a week. But it explained why I felt so awful down there. I've stopped using them and feel tons better.
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    The new Infinity ones aren't bad...

    This. I have used them for both PP time periods and after my loss. 

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  • I started boycotting the brand when they came out with their "Have a Happy Period" campaign. They can stick their happy period where the sun don't shine. I use generic/store brand pads or kotex and have no problems.
  • I didnt have a problem with them, although I did prefer the Infinity over the regular, because of the plasticky stuff.

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  • They do have a plasticky feel - I wasn't irritated by it, but I do prefer a Kotex.
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  • This explains a bit for me... I had just been using MIL's Always overnights, since I hadn't used pads since I was 12 so hellifiknow what brand to buy. They irritated the heck out of me, but I thought it was just because I wasn't used to pads. I just quit using them because I felt better with a dang paper towel stuffed between my legs... Anything to not have to wear those gawd-awful things. So yes, irritation like whoa.
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  • Thanks to all those who replied!!  I did some personal research and found that Always Ultra Thin pads have a plasticky top layer called "Dry Weave", which many have no issues with during a normal period, but could cause irritation to already-irritated post-partum tissue.

    Always Infinity Pads and Always Maxi (normal thickness) have a cottony-soft Dry Weave layer, which should not be irritating.

    Stayfree products all state that they have a cottony dry cover.  I have only verified this on the Ultra Thin Overnight ones, but it is indeed super soft.

    Hope this info helps someone else too.

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