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  • I voted for Warren. I kind of like it. I also like Julian and Gabe (Gabriel). Nolan is okay, but NMS.

    Really dislike Wade, Caden, Greer, and Gage. I don't know what a Maxson, absolutely hate the sound of it.

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  • Love Julian. It was on our list for both of our boys, but DH has an Aunt Julie and I just didn't like the closeness.
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  • I love Warren. Julian would be my 2nd place, followed by Gabe, but only if it's short for Gabriel.



  • I'm sure I'm in the minority,but I love the name Wade.

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  • I love Julian.


    Hate Maxson - why is there an x and an s?  The x makes the s redundant.

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  • image starrkitten89:
    I'm sure I'm in the minority,but I love the name Wade.

    Warren and Wade are my favorite also. 
    My DH has decided from the list he is only a fan on Wade and Max.. So it looks as if we will be deciding between the two. 
    THANK YOU! Everyone.. for all your support. Choosing a name has proven to be quite the task. But the responses I have gotten have been a great help!
    Keep them coming!
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