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Ikea Sundvik crib...

There was ONE on the showroom floor at our Ikea. It was so short and small that I totally thought it was a mini crib, and the woman working looked at me like I was crazy when I asked her. Do any of you have this crib, and if so, do you find that it's too small?

It just seemed...cheap :/ I'm sad because we had decided on that crib, but it is SO tiny...too tiny to look normal IMO.

Re: Ikea Sundvik crib...

  • I was planning on getting this crib too  however it isn't being carried by my store or online.  Not sure what happened.  When I looked at it, in the store, it was small but seemed to be enough for a crib. We are placing the crib in our room for the first year and didn't want anything too large. 
  • Did it come with a mattress? Otherwise it would have to fit a standard mattress right?
  • It was taken offline and from the showroom after the new standards went into effect, however it is back on the showroom as of last weekend at our Ikea.  I was there 3 days prior and it wasn't there.

    I agree it looks small... like a mini crib.  Kind of flimsy and short.  I asked the same question and my sales associate responded with, "I know, right?!".

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  • I was told that they would be back in all the Ikea's by November. I'm bummed that you all think it's mini - I haven't seen one in person - because it's what I was hoping to get. We did pick up the crib mattress when we were at Ikea, it seems like a "normal" size. But then again, I'm not very familar with cribs since this is our first.
  • While every crib for sale in the US must meet the minimum safety standards, some stop there and some far surpass them.

    I LOVE Ikea for all kinds of things- every room in my house has several items from there, but there is no way I would buy one of their cribs. Minimum standards only. Spend the extra $100 or so and go somewhere else. 


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  • Wow- I love one of the Ikea cribs and have seen pretty good reviews from before they took them out of the stores. When you were there did you see other cribs as well or just the Sundvik?

    I can't remember the name of the one we wanted- it was somewhere around the $150 mark and we really liked how basic it was. I hope they're all back soon.

  • Ikea cribs have always been short, that's just their style.  They also don't always take standard sized crib mattresses, many used to require their own, so make sure you double check measurements before you buy anything when they come back.

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