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Pregnant 8 weeks postpartum?

Hi all! I mostly lurk but I'm in a little bit of a situation and wanted to get some opinions. 

I went in for my six week postpartum check up and was told by the OB that my period should of started already and that if I didn't start by 8 weeks to take a HPT. I'm impatient and took the HPT first thing this morning, 3 days shy of 8 weeks.  The test was positive.  I had my betas done today and they were 19.  My dr. said these are very low and could still be remaining hormones from my last pregnancy or very, very, early in a new pregnancy.  

I wish I had some sort of time line to go by but I have zilch.  The first time my husband and I had sex was 5 weeks postpartum, we've done it multiple times since then.  Everytime with protection.

 I'm unsure what to think I've had minor cramping for the past few weeks but no other real symptoms. 

Sorry this is so long winded, ha, anyone ever have numbers that low that resulted in a viable pregnancy? Has anyone every heard of hcg being in your system that long? Dr. Google seems to say its gone in 4-6 weeks.  


ETA: I'm formula feeding. 


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