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Apparently since this is my first baby and you've had two...I'm an idiot

My neighbor came up to me yesterday and asked how I was doing and if I had started buying anything for the nursery yet. I told her I started looking and that I just wanted to find some inexpensive stuff. Then she went into this speech about how I have no idea how much babies and baby things cost and "just you wait" and blah, blah, blah. I told her that I very much know how much baby things and babies cost as I am a financial planner and look at people's budgets and plan nursery costs with them ALL the time. Still, she went on about how I have no idea until I have one as she has had and when it's mine, I will understand how much they cost. Especially with all the "I want this and I want that" talk. Again, I tried to help her understand as a planner, I will help my child understand the different between wants and needs and that I know those conversations will go on, but I know how to handle them. Needless to say...she kept going and basically called me a non-child-having-idiot. Almost slapped her. Walked away instead. See, this baby will mellow me out yet. Huh?

Re: Apparently since this is my first baby and you've had two...I'm an idiot

  • This is so me dealing with my sister! She is KU with #2 and if I it is not done the way she did it, or her OB suggests, it is WRONG.

    I am super excited to be going on vacation here in a few weeks, but I get to spend a week with her and her "advice"

    I hope you have your strength to walk away vs slapping her pregnant ass. Thats mean right, to hit another pregnant woman ;) 

  • What a moron.  I probably would have told her to close her mouth and open her ears - the same thing I tell DD1 when she is not listening...

    Yes babies can be expensive - you already know this.  My older brother has no children and yet knows how expensive they are.  But, there are ways to save money on the stuff they need - again, as you know.  My 4 yr old tries to talk about what she wants and how I need to get her something.  Um, no.  We have already talk to her about needs vs. wants.  Its not that difficult.  She knows that she needs to have money in order to buy things and she also knows that she needs to earn money in order to get it. 

    Megan B.
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  • A LOT of people have strong opinions about child bearing and parenting. Espcially people who only kind of know you! I tried to listen, say um hmm, and forget about it. So annoying!

    Edit: Our neighbor told my husband that he needed to get up when I was feeding dd at night for "moral support." Please! He had to work in the morning!

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  • Ugh, there's just no reasoning with know-it-alls! I have to deal with one on a daily basis. When they start talking to me about whatever topic they are "experts" on, I just start making the dumbest, most idiotic responses and questions I can think of. That may be childish, but it usually gets them off my back Stick out tongue

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  • I hate people like that.  I hate that people INSTANTLY get all know it all. 
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  • That's been the nice thing about being on #2...everyone has left me alone so far.  I'm no longer getting horror stories about labor and delivery which has been wonderful.  I don't need to know about YOUR experience, it has nothing to do with me.
  • Ugh.  I hate the "you just wait" people.  Good job not slapping her. :)
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  • I'm pregnant with my first and I have an extremely annoying coworker who acts like a "know-it-all" ALL the time.  Whatever she says is always right and she has an answer for everything, oh and the best line, "It's not as easy as you think." MEANWHILE she barely raises her own daughter, her mother raises her child. UGH! ::eyes roll::
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