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Listeria In Cantaloupes

hi all, i rarely post on the nj board, but on my birth month board a lot of the women are talking about an outbreak of listeria found in cataloupes.  i wish someone would have given me the heads up before i ate it at my shower on sunday.  apparently out of the states listed where the melons were distributed, nj is one of them.  i want to ask my doctor for a blood test, but apparently they're only testing people who have symptoms.  the scary thing about listeria is that you might not know you have it, but your baby can get it and the outcome can be severely devastating.  am i the only one upset about this????
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Re: Listeria In Cantaloupes

  • I've haven't heard about this and gave DS cantaloupe for the first time this week. I'll be holding off on any more for now. I wouldn't worry - these things happen and if it were that bad I would have heard about it on the news I'm sure. Or I would have heard of someone who heard about it and this is the first I'm hearing...(Does that make sense?)

  • I heard about the Listeria too!  I was so excited that Shop Rite was going to have a sale on cantaloupes next week but now I don't think I will buy it.
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