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second time around

So I have my 12 week appt. tomorrow and I am nervous. I don't even know why. My sono at 8 weeks looked great and everything was normal. This pregnancy is just so different than my first, and I have had a lot of friends who have recently miscarried. I am trying to stay positive. I am also down lately, being my second baby I feel so fat and out of shape. Nothing ever sounds good to eat, so I eat whatever sounds half way good and I feel like I am not feeding my baby as well as I did my first :/ Debbie Downer -- advice?
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Re: second time around

  • Every time I get bad thoughts I just keep saying a prayer to block it out.  I'm not even religious but it helps me stay positive.  Also I hear you with the food, but you just do the best you can.





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    Moving on to IVF in July
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    ER 7/14/12 6R 5F, ET 7/17 3 embies, beta #1 7/26: 147, beta #2 7/28: 326, beta#3 7/30: 422...ugh, beta#4 7/31: 607...hopeful, beta #5 8/2: 1280, beta #6 8/7: 7184 and u/s shows 1 possibly 2 sacs! 8/14 2 beautiful heartbeats! 9/24 we are TEAM BLUE!!!!!

  • I think it's normal to be nervous. I was so nervous for mine that I started to cry from relief when we saw the baby move and she said that everything looked good. You're going to worry the whole time, just try to stay positive. The reality is, the chances of you having a successful pregnancy are higher than your chances of loosing it....especially if you're already to 12 weeks.
  • This is my first and honestly i feel guilty.. I have always ate healthy, however, now i can't seem to stand any healthy food... Also with all these posts from mommies and some friends with miscarriages, I too was very afraid, But Thank God, I had my appointment last week and I heard the heartbeat and saw the baby move a bit.  Good Luck to you & I'm sure everything will turn out great.
  • Thanks everyone! Much appreciated!
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  • Sounds like me.  I have mixed emotions before ultrasounds.  I'm excited yet nervous something bad will be seen on the screen.
  • Oh man that was exactly me until I heard the heartbeat at 12 weeks!  I've had several friends miscarry in the last year, plus you read about them all the time on the boards!  It was hard to eat even though I was hungry all the time (at least I wasn't throwing up).  It'll get better soon!  I hope your appointment goes well.  I read a mantra on the board recently and think it's wonderful for the times that worry take over: Today I am pregnant, and I love my baby.  
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